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Welcome to Vitality Unleashed Psychology! Gold Coast Psychology practice that offers highly professional, warm & friendly services to children, teens & adults with a range of psychological and emotional difficulties. While many still ignore it, emotional and psychological wellbeing is just as important as keeping physically healthy. There are many different ways in which you or your loved ones may be suffering with your mind health, but professional psychological assessment and therapy is the first step towards emotional wellness. Whether it’s anxiety, depression, PTSD or anything else that just has not been feeling right, browse through our website for useful information and get in touch with our team at our Gold Coast Psychology practice to find out how we can help you today. We look forward to connecting with you.


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Meet Ashley

Ashley Gilmour
Ashley GilmourClinical Psychologist & Principal of Vitality Unleashed Psychology

Clinical Psychologist & Principal of our
Gold Coast Psychology Practice

Ashley Gilmour is a experienced fully qualified Clinical Psychologist and is the Founder & Principal of our professional and warm Gold Coast Psychology practice, Vitality Unleashed Psychology. Ashley studied at James Cook University, where she completed a 4-year undergraduate Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) & her 2-year post-graduate Master of Psychology (Clinical) degrees. From there, Ashley completed her 2-year Clinical Psychology Registrar training program with South West HealthCare Adult Psychiatric Services. Throughout her extensive training and career in counselling and clinical psychology, Ashley has gained valuable experience with individuals of all ages, addressing a range of mental health issues under a range of clinical settings.

Ashley’s approach is warm, understanding, and empathetic. She is also professional and respectful. Ashley approaches each of her client’s concerns as individual and takes the time to understand what is uniquely going on for each person she treats to guide how best to help them as quickly as possible. Ashley has a strong appreciation for, and interest in, the power of the human mind. Ashley also recognises that humans are highly powerful in that we have the medicine within ourselves to heal from and move through whatever challenges we may be facing. Ashley’s passion is to support people with psychological techniques to move through their emotional and psychological difficulties and into a space of happiness, empowerment, and wellbeing so that they can have the Freedom to Flourish. Enquire with our Gold Coast Psychology practice today about how we can help you get back on track.


Where to find us

Kingfisher Centre
13 Karp Court

Karp Court is located just off Bundall Rd, directly opposite the Gold Coast Arts Centre near the Chevron Island bridge. As you turn into Karp Court, we are on the right hand side in the purple ‘Kingfisher Centre’ building.

psychologist gold coast

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