Food & Sleep

“I’m an insomniac, my mind works the night shift.” “When it becomes really impossible to get away and sleep, then […]

psychology perfectionism
Breaking the Pursuit of Perfection

Many people around us are constantly striving for what I call “the pursuit of perfection” where the person sets their […]

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How to Manage Panic Attacks: Try These Useful Tips

The experience of panic attacks is somewhat common, and probably quite known to people whom experience a lot of anxiety. A […]

5 Ways to Manage Stress

If you are reading this article, chances are is that you have at some point been feeling stress, or are […]

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How are anger and depression related? Read more to find out

Suppressed and uncontrollable anger can lead to other mental illnesses developing, and vice versa. When anger issues are left untreated, […]

10 easy & quick ways to boost your mood when you’re feeling down

Some days are a struggle just to get through. Your mood swings become noticeable even to those around you – […]

10 Signs You Could Be Suffering From Depression

Many people come to our practice asking the question “Am I depressed?” or stating that they think that they are […]

PTSD and the Brain

Any type of trauma, from a terrorist attack and combat accidents to a car accident, a natural disaster, child abuse, […]

PTSD – How to Deal with Flashbacks

By Ashley Gilmour, clinical psychologist and therapist Flashbacks are a distressing experience, with which those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder […]

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Sleep and PTSD

Many people have trouble sleeping – some more often than others – but if you have PTSD, it’s even more […]

PTSD triggers
PTSD Triggers

PTSD is difficult to live with, to put it mildly. Triggers are highly present in your out-of-home environment, and sometimes […]

Do I Have Bipolar Disorder?

Have your moods been really up and down lately? Have you been feeling like you don’t know how to control […]

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Can you really manage anger without therapy?

Everyone experiences anger every now and then. However, when anger becomes uncontrollable, the result can not only affect the quality […]

psychology perfectionism
How to Identify and Overcome Perfectionism

Learn how to identify and overcome perfectionism. Perhaps you have been having high standards of yourself? Getting hard on yourself […]

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Tired of Being Tired? Try These 8 Sleep Tips to Beat Insomnia

Been feeling tired, run-down, low on energy, wanting to sleep at the drop of a hat but have trouble doing […]

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Do you know really just how powerful your mind really is? The truth is, is that many people are actually […]