Depression Treatment

Struggling with low or sad mood, finding it hard to get motivated, not enjoying the things you used to?

Perhaps you’re feeling as though you’ve lost your spark for life. The earlier the help, the better for you.

We are here to help you to get back on track to happiness.

Anxiety Treatment

Is your mind flooded with worries you find hard to get under control, or have you been feeling on-edge and

finding it hard to relax? Or you’re perhaps struggling with OCD or panic attacks. You’re not alone, anxiety is

affects men & women of all ages. Learn how to free your mind of worry today our expert help.

PTSD Treatment

Have you ever experienced a distressing or traumatic event that you’re finding it hard to not think about

anymore without trying to push it away? Perhaps you’re often feeling like danger will happen again. You

could be experiencing trauma symptoms. Talk to our highly experienced Clinical Psychologists today

about if you’re experiencing PTSD and how we can help you free yourself from the past and move forward

into the future with peace.

Medicare Rebates Available

When you see one of our Clinical Psychologists with either a GP Mental Health

Care Plan (MHCP) or an Eating Disorder Management Plan (EDMP), Medicare provides you a rebate of $136.35

per session for 10 sessions a year on MCHP and 40 sessions a year on EDMP. Chat with our friendly

team today for further information







A Clinical Psychologist is a Psychologist with advanced training specialising in the area of Clinical Psychology – the area concerned with the assessment, diagnosis, prevention & treatment of mental health issues from mild to severe. Our team provides services to children – adults.


Our experienced team provides comprehensive assessment and diagnosis services, including clinical assessment and psychometric testing (cognitive,  neuropsychological & personality testing) to clients with a wide range of mental health, cognitive & developmental concerns.


Not all psychological treatment should be the same as each presentation is unique. Our client care provides tailored treatment plans to our clients for individuals, couples and families to help you achieve the progress you deserve and need. 


We provide intelligent psychological care for children, adolescents and their families tailored to your specific needs and unique situations for a wide range of issues from autism, ADHD, intellectual impairment, behavioural issues, social skills/peer issues, divorce & more.

Meet our Gold Coast Clinical Psychologists, Psychologists & Dietitian Team

Ashley Gilmour

Clinical Psychologist | Director | Board Approved Supervisor

Ashley is a highly qualified, warm & understanding Clinical Psychologist and the Founder and Director of Vitality Unleashed. She has over 14 years clinical experience in psychology. Ashley has a strong passion for understanding the mind and human behaviour, and helping people to work through challenges and reach their happiness goals. Ashley recognises that each individual has their own unique experiences and tailors her treatment to suit the individuals needs.
Click on Ashley’s photo to read more.

Laura McCabe

Clinical Psychologist

Laura is a warm and empathetic Clinical Psychologist who strives to establish genuine connections with clients to foster an environment where they feel heard, understood, and valued.  Laura creates a safe and nurturing space where client can explore emotions freely, develop coping strategies, and embark on a path towards growth and recovery.  She sees it as her privilege to be part of her clients transformative journeys, and is dedicated to helping them achieve their mental health goals, one step at a time.
Click on Laura’s photo to read more.

Rachael Berry

Clinical Psychologist

Rachael Berry is a fully qualified Clinical Psychologist with experience in providing psychological and psychometric/cognitive assessment, diagnosis and treatment to children, teens and adults for a wide range of mental health and neurodivergent issues. Rachael is warm and empathetic, with a strong passion for psychology and helping her clients to meet their goals.
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Vitality Unleashed Psychology

Matthew Gatt

Clinical Psychology Registrar

ACCEPTING NEW CLIENTS: Matt is a fully-registered Psychologist and a Clinical Psychology Registrar after having completed his Master of Psychology (Clinical) and Bachelor of Psychology. Matt provides psychological therapy and psychometric/cognitive assessment to both adults and children for a wide variety of clinical presentations including depressive and anxiety disorders, ADHD, autism, personality issues and more. Matt is a warm and friendly member of our team.

Vitality Unleashed Psychology

Samantha Deacon

Registered Psychologist

Sam, a registered Psychologist, brings extensive experience in counseling and psychology across all life stages. With an empathetic nature, Sam aims to understand, support, and empower others, helping them overcome obstacles, build resilience, and find strength within. Specializing in adolescent and young adult females, Sam focuses on areas such as interpersonal relationships, trauma, anxiety, depression, and vocational counseling. Offering evidence-based therapies like DBT, CBT, mindfulness, and more, Sam tailors treatments to individual needs. From distress tolerance to skills building, Sam’s approach emphasizes empowerment and growth, fostering positive change and well-being.

Vitality Unleashed Psychology Gold Coast

Stephanie Cooper

Registered Psychologist

Stephanie is a fully qualified registered psychologist of 14 years, who provides therapeutic support to clients of all ages and from all backgrounds with an array of presentations. She is also currently undertaking her Master of Psychology to extend her training and skills.
Stephanie works with individuals experiencing but not limited to depression, anxiety, panic attacks, stress, PTSD, suicidality and a variety of other concerns. Stephanie will be joining our team in June 2024, working Tuesdays and Fridays!

Stacey Howes vitality unleashed psychology clinic

Stacey Howes

Registered Psychologist

Stacey registered as a Psychologist in NZ in 2018. She is a warm and friendly psychologist with an interest in providing psychological assessment and treatment to clients aged 16 years to older adults. Her areas of interest include depressive and anxiety disorders, personality disorders, trauma/PTSD, forensic issues, substance misuse, anger and stress management, emotion dysregulation and more. Stacey adopts various treatment approaches including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

Vitality Unleashed Psychology Gold Coast

James Hutton

 Provisional Psychologist

James is a person-centred practitioner dedicated to helping individuals identify solutions that work best for them while integrating evidence-based options. With clinical practice experience at the Bond University Clinic and in workplace wellbeing, he brings a wealth of expertise to his work. Additionally, his background includes roles in child protection, disability support, and youth mentoring. James has previously conducted research using neuroimaging technology. James has areas of interest in adolescent and older adult mental health, with a particular interest in mood disorders. He utilises CBT, ACT, MI, and person-centred counselling with a desire to expand his skills in schema therapy.

Stephanie Blackwell

Accredited Practising Dietitian

Stephanie is a talented, warm and welcoming Accredited Practising Dietitian having completed her Master of Nutrition and Dietetics and Bachelor of Health Science. Stephanie provides dietetics services to children, teens, adults and older adults for a wide range of physical and mental health issues.
She has a special interest in collaboratively working alongside our Psychologists for treatment provided to clients with Eating & Feeding Disorders, as well as female health issues, food allergies and intolerances, gastrointestinal issues, cancers and thyroid related issues just to name a few.
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Vitality Unleashed Psychology Clinic

About our practice

What does the name ‘Vitality Unleashed’ mean? Firstly it is important to understand what ‘Vitality’ means. We are beings made of energy. To have vitality means to have energy and life force within us in the areas of physical, mental, and emotional functioning. When we have physical vitality, we are full of physical wellbeing and strength; vigour.
Located on the Gold Coast, our psychology clinic is conveniently located to service people from the Burleigh Heads, Brisbane and beyond.

Book online

All appointments are booked through our practice software. Booking an appointment online that links in with our appointment diary is easy. If you are an existing client, an account will already be set up for you. If you are a new client, it is a quick easy process to create a new account for you with your name and phone number.

Send us a message! We’d love to hear from you

We will respond to your enquiry during our reception hours:
Monday & Tuesday: 7am – 5pm
Wednesday: 7am – 6pm
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Friday: 7am – 5pm
(Closed Public Holidays & Weekends).

At Vitality Unleashed Psychology, our patients’ experience is our priority.

We are happy to assist you with any questions or enquiries you may have, so contact us today! We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Having trouble sleeping?

Sleep problems are common. Download our FREE sleep tip sheet

with 10 tips to help you to fast-track to better sleep tonight!

Areas of Treatment

We provide evidence-based psychological assessment (clinical & psychometric testing [cognitive/neuropsychological/personality assessment]), diagnosis and treatments for a wide range of emotional, psychological and mental health concerns for children, teens, adults and older adults. All of our treatment plans are tailored specific to our client’s own unique presenting issues, with a no ‘one size fits all’ approach, to help you achieve our wellness goals in the most effective way possible.


Low mood, loss of pleasure & motivation, sleep issues, low energy, worsened concentration, feeling worthless, and sometimes self-harm thoughts are signs of depression. Your happiness awaits you. Seek treatment early today.


Hard to control worries, feeling on-edge, nervous, or perhaps it’s panic attacks, OCD, or PTSD/Trauma. These are all signs of Anxiety. Freeing your mind from the
cage of anxiety is possible!

Bipolar Disorder

Intense irritable mood, feeling euphoric, racing thoughts, little need for sleep, full of energy, super boost in confidence, starting many projects and not finishing them, with episodes of depression. These are signs of Bipolar Disorder.

Eating Disorders

Restricting food intake, counting calories, frequent weight checking, unhappy with body image, binge eating, purging, excessive exercise, and guilt are all signs of eating disorders. Building a healthy relationship with your food and body is possible.

Stress Management

Irritable/snappy mood, easily angered, hard to relax, trouble sleeping, overactive mind, dry mouth, feeling tired/exhausted. These signs indicate heightened stress. Effective, yet simple stress management tools help you to enjoy living in the Now!

Sleep Issues

Sleep problems like insomnia, mid awakening and nightmares is really common and contributes to many psychological issues like depression, anxiety, moodiness, feeling overwhelmed and trouble coping. Get help for a better sleep today.

Contact us to book a consultation

Your happiness and wellbeing is our priority. If you would like to arrange a consultation with our caring, experienced and highly qualified psychologist, or have any further enquiries about the services provided here at Vitality Unleashed Psychology, feel free to get in contact with our friendly team of staff. We are committed to providing an outstanding level of patient care and support, so feel free to give us a call on

07 5574 3888, we’ll be happy to assist with your enquiries.

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