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On the minor scale, some anxious thoughts are actually beneficial as they remind us of important things. For example, thinking ‘did I remember to lock the car?’ might cause you to double check just to make sure everything is safe. However, these thoughts can be difficult if they become recurring.

What is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)?

Thoughts of any kind that become obsessive (recurring) can quickly cause issues by developing unhealthy behavioural patterns and having an impact on daily life.

Those who suffer from OCD suffer from obsessions, compulsions (acts to suppress the stress or anxious thought) or a combination of both. Some also experience depression, general anxiety and other mental health issues.

It is common for those with OCD to be ashamed of their thoughts and what they do to neutralise the anxiety. This shame can then make the problem worse and lead to secrecy, which in turn prolongs diagnosis and possible treatment. It can affect both children and adults, resulting in difficulties with career and within social situations.

What are the signs and symptoms of OCD?

There are a number of ways in which OCD can manifest itself in an overwhelming manner, including:

  • Cleanliness – excessive fear of contamination
  • Order – obsession with symmetry, patterns and performing tasks in a particular manner
  • Counting – repeatedly counting objects such as utensils or cracks in the pavement
  • Hoarding – unnecessarily hanging onto junk items like old newspapers
  • Safety – continual, excessive fears of harm, such as repeatedly checking the lock on the door
  • Sexual issues – irrational or uncharacteristic disgust or repulsion of sexual activity

The importance of seeking OCD treatment

Hiding or dismissing anxiety or disruptive behaviour is part of the reason it can be so destructive. OCD treatment is available at our Gold Coast practice, and talking to a professional is the first step towards improving your quality of life. There is no commitment or obligation Connect with us to see how you feel about consultation and we’ll explain our evidence-based psychological approach to treatment.

To make an enquiry, give our friendly team a call on 07 55743888. Otherwise, you can find and book an appointment online.

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