“To seek psychological treatment is a great investment in your overall wellbeing. The journey into discovering and healing yourself and moving towards happiness is of no greater gift.”

All psychological consultations are 50 minutes duration.


Full Fee – The full amount is incurred for the consultation. This applies to persons whom do not have a concession card, or are not under financial hardship.
Concession Fee – A reduced rate below that of the full fee is incurred for the consultation. This applies to persons whom do have a concession card (Centrelink Health Care Card, Pension inc. DVA, full-time tertiary student card). Note: For dependents, the fee charged is dependent on the parent’s concession status.


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Accessing a Clinical Psychologist has never been easier with the help of the Medicare rebates for Psychology sessions making it much more affordable coming to see an experienced Clinical Psychologist.

Clients with a valid Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) psychology referral provided by their GP/Psychiatrist are eligible for up to 10 Medicare Rebated psychology sessions per calendar year for psychology sessions that are attended face-to-face (in person). MHCPs are designed to help provide financial assistance to those people with mental health difficulties to access services of a Psychologist & Clinical Psychologist. Book an appointment with your GP to discuss getting a MHCP if you feel you would benefit from psychological help.

Note: Medicare does not provide a Medicare Rebate for ‘Relationship Counselling/Couples Therapy’ under the MHCP as the Medicare rebates are for treatment of mental health issues, or for Skype sessions (non-face to face). If you require couples counselling or Skype sessions, the above consultation fee is payable in full by the client. If you have private health cover, you may be receive a rebate from your Private Health Care Fund.

For information about how the MHCPs under Medicare work, click here.

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Consultation Fees

The following consultation fees are for psychological consultations with a Medicare Rebate, and for Relationship Counselling. If you are covered by a third-party payer (e.g., DVA, WorkCover etc), you do not need to worry about the consultation fees as this is arranged between the third-party payer and our practice. If you require Skype sessions, speak to us as this can also be arranged and are the same fees as those below, though do not attract the Medicare rebate. Private health funds do cover Skype sessions though.

 Clinical Psychology Full Fee Concession Fee Medicare Rebate
(if applicable)
Initial Consultation – Medicare $63.50 Gap fee $43.50 Gap fee $126.50
Subsequent Consultation – Medicare $63.50 Gap fee $43.50 Gap fee $126.50
Relationship Counselling (solo therapy) $190.00 N/A N/A
Relationship Counselling (couple therapy) $220.00 N/A N/A

Consultation fees (excluding third-party) are payable at the time of attending the consultation.

*Vitality Unleashed Psychology is not a bulk billing practice.

Cancellation Fees

We want to make sure that you commit yourself to your treatment so that you get the best possible outcomes, thus we try to encourage you to keep your appointment where possible. If you do need to change your appointment, it helps us and our clients whom are on a waiting list to have an earlier appointment when we have sufficient notice of cancellation. To encourage you providing us sufficient notice, cancellation fees are applicable to all clients appointments. Note: cancellation fees payable in full by the client regardless of how the attended psychological sessions are paid, ie., Medicare, Insurance companies etc do not pay for cancellation/no-show fees. For full information about our Cancellation Policy & Fees, click here.

Cancellation Notice Provided Fee Applied
Same business day $80.00
Business day prior $50.00
Non-attendance without notice *100% of full consultation fee

*100% of full consultation fee also applies to appointments that are also bulk-billed.


A fee is incurred for preparation & writing of psychological reports & letters, including completion of insurance reports that require time outside of consultation to be completed. Please discuss your report/letter requirements and associated fee with our practice. Please be aware that reports/letters that require time outside of your consultation generally will not be able to written that same day, so please ensure that you allow enough notice provided to your Clinical Psychologist for your request.

ALL CONSULTATION FEES ARE PAYABLE AT THE TIME OF CONSULTATION. Payment options available: cash, eftpos, credit card.