Clients with a valid Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) psychology referral provided by their GP/Psychiatrist are eligible for up to 10 Medicare Rebated psychology sessions per calendar year. MHCPs are designed to help provide financial assistance to those people with mental health difficulties to access services of a Psychologist & Clinical Psychologist. Book an appointment with your GP to discuss getting a MHCP if you feel you would benefit from psychological help.

Note: Medicare does not provide a Medicare Rebate for ‘Relationship Counselling/Couples Therapy’ under the MHCP as the Medicare rebates are for treatment of mental health issues. If you require couples counselling, the above consultation fee is payable in full by the client. If you have private health cover, you may be receive a rebate from your Private Health Care Fund.


  • To obtain a MHCP, the client will need to see their GP or Psychiatrist and discuss their mental health issues with their doctor for the doctor to assess if they are eligible for a MHCP. Eligibility is at the discretion of the doctor.
  • Once a MHCP is in place, the client is able to access the initial 6 psychology sessions under Medicare. Once the client has completed the initial 6 sessions (if the client requires all 6 sessions of psychology), the client is required to see their referring GP for a review of their MHCP to obtain access to the remaining 4 Medicare sessions. The review is required to be in place before the client attends for their 7th session.
  • Once the client has completed 10 psychology sessions, the client is required to go back to their referring Doctor to obtain a new MHCP before their next session.
  • If a client has used all 10 Medicare psychology sessions in the calendar year, no more Medicare rebated sessions are available until January of the following year. If the client wishes to continue with psychology treatment, the client has the option to pay for their consultation privately
  • If the client has a Private Health Fund that provides cover for psychology treatment, the client can obtain part of their consultation fee back from their health care fund. The client will need to contact their Private Health Fund directly to find out how much rebate they are entitled to as this varies between health funds and by level of cover.