Introducing the
Lifestyle and Exercise Program for Mental Health!

Run by Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Siri Szlezak

Do you want to:
Use exercise to lift your mood?
Increase your energy and motivation? Improve your sleep quality and pattern?
Learn how to make better lifestyle choices?
Use exercise to increase your general health?

If you answered yes to any of the above, our program is for you!


There is significant amount of evidence suggesting that adding exercise into ones lifestyle is an effective treatment method for people suffering from acute and chronic mental illness such as depression,anxiety,Bipolardisorder,etc.Evenoneworkoutaweek is known to have great benefits on mood and should therefore be
a fundamental part of mental health treatment. Regular physical activity and exercise are also well-established strategies for weight management and reducing the impact of cardiovascular disease that often occurs in mental illness including depression. In addition to alcohol, addressing sleeping patterns are also vital and highly beneficial in helping to improve your mental wellbeing.



These services are available at our practice, located at Vitality Unleashed at 105 Upton St, Bundall.
$70 for 20 min consultation, and $140 for 50 min consultation.This service is eligible for Medicare rebate of $52.95 if you have a valid Enhanced Primary Care Plan (EPC Plan). An EPC Plan can be arranged by booking an appointment to see your GP.
How to book an Appointment:
To book an appointment, please contact Sharni on 07 55743888 or email Sharni at [email protected]


Dr Siri Szlezak, PhD, is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP) with special interest in personalised health. Siri is passionate about helping others and using lifestyle tools to enhance her clients’ sleep quality, diet, mood, and general health. In order to assist her clients in their health journey, Siri applies her experience from her years of practice as an Exercise Physiologist in addition to skills from managerial roles including project management of MHMRC – founded research and national-level event coordination. Outside of her professional roles, Siri has a personal interest in martial arts, weight training and self development. Siri is passionate, warm and approachable.