We provide quality dietitian services for those experiencing concerns about
their cardiovascular health

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is an umbrella term used to describe a series of conditions relating to the heart and blood vessels (1). Within Australia, CVD affects more than 4 million individuals and is responsible for 1 in every 4 deaths with an average of 118 deaths per day or one death every 12 minutes as a result of CVD (1).

Most importantly, many of the risk factors associated with CVD are preventable through appropriate lifestyle changes (1). Poor diet is a leading risk factor for the development and progression of heart disease within Australia (2, 3). The foods we eat can impact upon a series of risk factors associated with heart diseases, including; blood pressure, cholesterol, weight and waist circumference (2).

There are many factors involved in improving or managing heart health through dietary and lifestyle change that your dietitian may work with you on. 

How can your dietitian help you manage or prevent cardiovascular disease?

  1. Provide education surrounding dietary intake and heart health. 
  2. Provide lifestyle education and support in managing risk factors associated with the development and progression of CVD (e.g. weight management, high blood pressure and/or elevated cholesterol levels). 
  3. Support you in making simple food swaps to incorporate heart friendly foods into your everyday routine.
  4. Assist and provide education on label reading. 
  5. Create a tailored and individualised meal plan to assist you in making healthy food choices at home.
  6. Provide practical advice on how to apply knowledge to everyday eating practices. 
  7. Provide support on managing social occasions and eating out. 
  8. Assist with setting attainable goals for improving diet quality and heart health.

If you would like the support of a dietitian in managing cardiovascular health, Vitality Unleashed Psychology offers dietetic services to support you through these challenges. Initial appointments with our dietitian are typically 60 minutes in length with follow-up appointments 30 minutes in length.

If you have a diagnosed cardiovascular illness you may be eligible for a Chronic Disease Management Plan at the discretion of your GP, allowing you to receive Medicare benefits for services you are accessing. The current Medicare rebate amount is $55.10 per session.

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