Couples Therapy And Relationship

Counselling On the Gold Coast

Couples therapy (relationship counselling) is available to clients at Vitality Unleashed Psychology. We offer 50-minute consultation sessions to work with you either individually or together with your partner. Whilst working directly with you and your partner, our psychologists provide in-depth counselling that aims to restore your relationship and achieve better communication between you both.

Who would benefit from relationship counselling?

If you feel that your relationship could be more intimate, that you have recurring problems, or that a divorce is imminent, you and your partner could benefit from speaking to a couples therapist, who will provide you the tools to communicate more effectively and gain more emotional maturity together.

We will help you to iron out any negativity and restore the relationship in order to reach the highest level of emotional security, learning to properly respond to each other’s styles of conflict and intimacy. We will assist you to develop both together and as individuals.

We see clients of all different stages and lengths of relationships, if you feel there are issues you would like to work through we are here to help.

Please note that due to ethical reasons, it is not recommended that the same psychologist provides psychological services to the couple together, and then also to the individuals separately. If individual therapy is required for one or both of the individuals in addition to couples treatment, it is advisable that each individual sees another separate psychologist for this to keep all couples and individual treatments separate. It is your choice as to whether you wish to use Vitality Unleashed Psychology services for your individual or couples counselling.

Please note that couples therapy is not covered by Medicare.

Introducing a counsellor

Every relationship involves moments of sadness or difficult times however it is important to try to work through these problems in the early stages before they worsen over time. Sometimes there are issues right from the start of a relationship but are only recognised when they only rise to the surface after being together for a long time. Often, a counsellor is usually only introduced after issues are attempted to be resolved independently and thus failed. A professional relationship counsellor can become the best solution and help to save the relationship by showing their outsider’s perspective.  Other friends or family members may also see issues from another perspective and try to help however this can often derive from a bias opinion. The most important thing you can do regardless of how severe the issues are, is to address your differences as early as possible and aim to achieve better communication and compromise.

Book an appointment in the Gold Coast

If you would like to set up an appointment at our psychology clinic for you and your partner, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to provide you with an appointment that suits both your busy schedules, and to give you the tools to introduce stability back.

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