Our Passion, Our Purpose

We want to share with you our Passion and our Purpose, Our passion is helping people regardless of age to reach their optimal psychological wellbeing. We are firm believers in that we are only limited by the illusions (i.e., false beliefs about ourselves, others and the world) created by our minds, and that in reality we actually have unlimited potential to be of the positive and fulfilled state that we so desire. The illusions created by our own minds and society programs lead us to experience perceived limited potential and of course psychological suffering. Indeed, most of the time we do not even realise that we are operating by such illusions of the mind because we think that these illusions are in fact real. This might sound strange that many of us tend to live by programs of an illusionary nature, but have you ever had that battle with your mind, such as “There’s no possible way I could do/achieve XYZ” whether it be about sports performance, getting that job promotion, getting on stage to perform that show, or asking that girl out, or maybe it’s even something like leaving your house when your fear and anxiety really, really told you that it is unsafe for you to leave your house because XYZ would happen, only to then achieve what you thought was the impossible and it all turned out fine? This is the power of the illusions of our mind! Even when one part of our mind knows that this illusion is not real, we can still find it really challenging not to believe it otherwise! We are so passionate about the power of our minds, because if we can create our own psychological suffering with our mind, imagine what we can feel, do and achieve when we learn how to free ourselves from our own mind!

Our purpose is the fundamental driver of why we do what we do. For us, our purpose is about what is it that we are here to do to help and support our human family.  For us, this is about helping people to work through and break free from these cages of psychological suffering of fear, anxiety, trauma, and limiting beliefs in whatever psychological presentation that that may present as… whether it be depression, anxiety disorders, PTSD, eating disorders, substance additions and others, to move into a new place of emotional, mental and physical vitality! It is in this place of vitality that we can then have the Freedom to Flourish in all aspects of our lives. We are so grateful that our passions and our purpose are aligned that each day, we love the work that we do that it doesn’t even feel like ‘work’, and we thank you for allowing us to honour our passion and purpose by supporting you.


Our 8 Core Values:

At the heart of Vitality Unleashed Psychology, our company operates by 8 Core Values

Professional: Treating our clients with a high level of respect, courtesy, honesty, integrity, and ethical standard

Excellence: We are committed to providing you with the highest quality psychological services and treatment, helping you to achieve your wellbeing goals in the quickest and most sustainable way possible 

Uniqueness: We treat every client and their issues as unique, with a no “one size fits all” approach

Empowerment: Helping our clients to recognise and re-gain their own power

Accountability: Encouraging our clients to be accountable for their own treatment to allow the client to put the power back into their own hands

Growth: Allowing and encouraging personal growth of our clients

Non-Judgement: Providing you with a non-judgemental space for you to share your experiences and concerns to assist you in the therapeutic process.

Gratitude: Being in gratitude for being able to help our human family re-gain their Vitality