About Our Clinic

Vitality Unleashed Psychology is a warm and friendly private Psychology & Dietitics practice based in the heart of Bundall on the Gold Coast, operated and founded by Ashley Gilmour, Clinical Psychologist. We have a wonderful team of experienced and passionate Clinical Psychologists, Psychologists & an Accredited Practising Dietitian to serve our community needs.

What do you understand by the name ‘Vitality Unleashed’? Firstly, you must know that what actually the vitality is? Basically, vitality means energy and it is just because of energy, life force within us. Due to this, we are able to perform physical, mental, and emotional functions. When we are physically energized, we are full of strength. 

Oxygen is flowing through our bodies. This allows us to be able to perform our daily tasks at home and work, to play sport, to chase our kids around the park, to run up those stairs with the body moving with ease. To have mental vitality is is to have good cognitive function that allows us to have clear thinking, to concentrate on what we’re working on, to remember important things, to understand and solve problems, to deal with day to day issues with ease as they arise.

Having emotional vitality is to be able to engage in positive thinking, to feel happiness, joy and gratitude, to feel in control over our emotions, to feel confident and worthy as a person. When we have physical, mental, and emotional vitality, we are able to deal with challenging situations with ease. It is when these aspects of our well being are suffering that life becomes much more of a struggle.

So what does ‘Vitality Unleashed’ actually mean then? I am a strong believer in that when we have Vitality, we are aligned with who we really are – positive energy. We know we are aligned because we feel positive, happy, and vibrant. This is our true state of being and it is within us all. However, life circumstances happen to us from the moment we are born which have the potential to create blocks and limiting beliefs within us which affect our thoughts and behaviour, our relationships with people, make us feel anxious, depressed, affects our sleep, makes our energy dense where we feel heavy, and we cope in ways that are unhealthy for us.

Thus, it is my desire to help you to work through and clear these blocks in order to Unleash the Vitality that is within you! Once we have Vitality, our true state of being, we are then able to achieve any goal that is our desire – there are no limits to what we can achieve in our life.. it is at this point of having Vitality that we then have the Freedom to Flourish! which every one of us deserves in order to live a fulfilling life.

– Ashley Gilmour, Clinical Psychologist

“Whatever the mind of a man can conceive and believe, it can achieve” – Napoleon Hill