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Telehealth Psychology Consultations Available!

Now you can access a Clinical Psychologist anywhere in the world!

Have you been thinking about needing to get some help from someone for your psychological wellbeing?

Have you been having difficulty with working out how you will manage to get to an office to see someone?

Do you want the ease and convenience of seeing a professional to help you without you needing to leave your home or office?

Maybe you work long hours yourself, have limited transport options, or live in an area where there are not many or any professionals accessible to help you.

Accessing a Clinical Psychologist is easy with online consultations wherever you are located in Australia or the world!

At Vitality Unleashed Psychology, we provide online psychology sessions to wherever you are located in the world! And you do not even need to live in Australia to be able to access our services.

Services available via online consultation using Coviu, an encrypted telehealth platform that keeps your online consultations safe and secure..

To use Coviu for your consultations, you do not need to download any software or create an account. We just send you the URL link to our

virtual clinic and you join the meeting as a guest via any device. It’s that easy!

Initial assessment to gather information about your background and psychological/mental health history, your current concerns, what you would like help with (your goals),

and we will discuss what seems to be going on for you and how we will need to go about helping you reach your goals

Psychological interventions/treatments for your presenting concerns. We are able to provide all psychological interventions that we are able to provide via face-to-face consultations

with the similar or same level of effectiveness.

If you are considering connecting with a Clinical Psychologist via online, please get in touch with us today to discuss how we are able to arrange this

for you with Ashley Gilmour, our Clinical Psychologist.

Ashley Gilmour | Clinical Psychologist

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